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What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

9 things making me smile & on a Monday! “What I’m Lovin’ Right Now” #MondayBlogs @TheBlogGuideRT @FemaleBloggerRT

Coming off what has to be the hottest days of 2014 here in LA over the weekend (and you know it’s hot when I, the perpetual lover of warmth, is complaining!). It’s expected to be yet another warm day making it hard to believe that my calendar says that fall arrives exactly one week from today. Ha! Those fools.

Here are a few random things making me smile – #2 and #8 are looking especially…

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Peace, Peace, Peace.

Peace, Peace, Peace. Now up on the blog! @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT #lbloggers #yoga #meditation #peace

May Peace Prevail on Earth ATG FINAL

Where: Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens
Location: 3500 West Adams Boulevard, Mid-City
Cost: Free

Peace Awareness Labyrinth Exterior ATG FINAL

“Peace, peace, peace.”

David, my yoga instructor, always closes with these three simple, yet powerful words at the end of every practice. I always catch this slight difference from the more commonly used “namaste” that’s traditionally expressed in my experience at the end of a class. And while…

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5 Reasons This Week Will Rock!

5 Reasons This Week Will Rock! @TheBlogGuideRT @FemaleBloggerRT #MondayBlogs #lbloggers

5 Reasons ATG FINAL Sept 8 2014

Another week boys and girls!

It was insanely hot here in LA this past weekend, with temperatures just over 100°. I was surprised my car didn’t melt before me in protest.  As such, it was quite the surprise to wake to the sounds of a light rain this morning. Not to worry though, today’s high find us at a healthy 87° – looks like we’ll be back on track for another warm summer week ahead. I…

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Birchbox Review | AUGUST

Birchbox Review | AUGUST #bbloggers #Birchbox @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT

Birchbox August ATG FINAL

Happy September! Let’s take a quick step back and explore last month’s Birchbox.

Here’s how the latest and greatest in beauty made August feel a little bit more gorgeous…or not so much.

#1. Neil George Shampoo | I’m pretty much at a place where I wish Birchbox would stop sending me shampoo and conditioner samples altogether. With the exception of the Davines line, I’m consistently disappointed…

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The highlights of life lately! @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT #lbloggers #theoneilove #mindykaling #happyfriday

Highlights Header ATG FINAL{A Saturday well spent at the museum.}

Though it’s still very much summer, I can feel the subtle shift to fall – well, as much of a “fall” as LA can muster. While we’re still about 3 weeks out according to the calendar, I can feel a more gentle breeze in the evenings, my A/C doesn’t need to be on every time I’m home, and those damn flowers are starting to fall off the tree and stick to my freshly…

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Best Dressed: The Top 5 Fashion Hits of the 2014 Emmy Awards

Best Dressed: The Top 5 Fashion Hits of the 2014 Emmy Awards #emmys #fbloggers @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT

Emmys Best Dressed ATG FINAL

Emmys Best Dressed ATG FINAL

Admittedly, I didn’t watch the Emmys this past Monday night. It certainly didn’t help that my Facebook newsfeed went crazy as the winners were announced well before the west coast broadcast anyway. (Gotta love that 3-hour delay.)

I am somewhat proud to gloat that I did the right thing and went to yoga class as planned. (It’s much more likely I’d be closer to channeling some of the best bodies…

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Highlights or 5 Things I Learned This Week: @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT #lbloggers #happyfriday #RichHill

5 completely random things I learned this week…

Highlights Header

1. Unfortunately, the “best iced latte in America” is overrated.

As evidenced from the image above, you can see that I’ve been up to my ol’ shenanigans again on the latte front. I told you I’d be back after my first visit to Go Get Em Tiger (yes, that’s the coffee bar’s name) to say hello again to the current reining champion of the “best iced…

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Inspired. And my thoughts on grace. @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT #lbloggers #inspiration #wordsofwisdom


A mid-week pause for some soul encouragement.

But first, a word.

I came across the quote above yesterday. Reading it immediately solidified something for me when thinking about labels, paths, and women.

It’s no secret that women are more likely to encounter the struggle of walking the fine line between the perception of assertiveness and bitchiness, something most men presumably don’t think…

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What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

What I’m Lovin’ Right Now :: #lbloggers #bbloggers @FemaleBloggerRT @MondayBlogs @TheBlogGuideRT


Happy Monday! As we start a new week, I’m determined to get things off on the right foot after such an exhausting one last week. As such, I’m looking to things that are making me smile, and smile big. It’s in the little things: sidewalks reminding us to be awesome (#1) or timely words (#7). It’s in the new: changing up that yummy, but very predictable strawberry smoothie at breakfast for…

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This Week’s Highlights & My Happy Place: @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT #lbloggers #happyfriday

my happy place ATG FINAL

my happy place ATG FINAL

{Finally, my toes are in the sand. It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer.}

Between you and me, I’ve had better weeks. Not that anything in particular happened to me personally that should make me say this. There’s just something in the air as of late that seems to be hitting nearly everyone around me, creating this level of….what…exhaustion, perhaps?  Truth be told, I’ve been dragging much of…

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